County Camp!

And a bit of science too.

Today was our county’s annual Training Day and Review, and it was fabulous. It’s the first where I’ve been to more than just the Review. When I got my Baden Powell I was invited to it along with everyone else who had achieved it in the last year. That was great, but this one was so much more fun.

I actually ended up doing bits towards both Service in Guiding and Community Action. I’m not actually going to tell you much about the Service in Guiding side. We were planning for County Camp in August, and I don’t want to spoil any potential surprises until I know they’re out there in Divisions! We have come up with the design of the necker (which sounds like it could become all singing all dancing), sort of the sub camp names, the opening and closing ceremonies and the organisation of the challenge day in quite vague terms at least. I’m SO excited! August seems like such a long time to wait.

Now for the science. I have discovered Anglia Region has a science resource, QUEST ( It is very good, with some really interesting ideas for activities. The session was really useful to me, not so much for the science itself, as I was able to talk to other Guiders about doing science based activities in their units. Some came from science backgrounds (research, teaching) but weren’t supported by their other leaders to bring science to Guiding or didn’t know how to bring it down to an appropriate level. Others didn’t have science backgrounds and either didn’t know how to incorporate science into their programmes or didn’t realise what could constitute to science. It made me realise how lucky I am in that I have a level of knowledge that means I have some idea about science but not so much I can’t take it down to Brownie level, and that the other leaders are more than happy for me to do something science-y! It’s given me yet more ideas about what to look at with my research for my Community Action.

Beyond my Queen’s Guide, today was just really good fun! It’s energised and enthused me about Guiding. Any time I think I’m starting to flag, I now know what to do – go on a training. It was great to do something just for me, and to talk to leaders outside my own unit. Also speaking to older Senior Section members about what they’ve done was great. My next plan – Innovate!


About siobhancoulter

I'm a Senior Section member of Girl Guiding UK and am working on my Queen's Guide Award at the moment. I'll be keeping you updated on my progress - currently it's my community action clause!
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