I’m on a break

There is a reason behind the fact I have written nothing on here for months and months… I planned to take six months off from my Queen’s Guide to give me the opportunity to settle into university and get to know my new Guiding community. I’m very grateful to my very wise mentor for suggesting it – I was all for just ploughing straight on, but it has given me the chance to take a step back, engage in lots of different activities and I will return refreshed and revitalised! My six months are still going until March, but I am beginning to think about it again – I also have had the horrible realisation that all those drafted posts from the summer never got posted so that shall be happening in the coming weeks.

Revision periods are often times of Guiding inspiration for me. The mixture of being chained to a desk, with ample supplies of paper and coloured pens whilst getting very, very bored seems to have a strange effect! So this time I have decided my skill shall be knitting. I know I said I would do something sporty but I’m just never going to reach the hours. I had forgotten how incredibly short netball games are, so that shall have to just be for the good of my health! It has also led me to do lots of planning (I have a new Brownie unit – more of in another post), as there’s so many exciting things happening this term: the promise consultation, Thinking Day, Girls In Action (I’m excessively excited about this one!).

So I shall be posting far more frequently in the coming weeks (I know it’s not difficult), about both plans and actions, past and present!


About siobhancoulter

I'm a Senior Section member of Girl Guiding UK and am working on my Queen's Guide Award at the moment. I'll be keeping you updated on my progress - currently it's my community action clause!
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