Service In Guiding

This is, I think, probably the most mammoth clause of all! There are four elements and it will probably take me all three years to complete them.

Element 1 involves giving 60 hours to Guiding so I’m of course using my work with my very lovely Brownies. Currently I’m up to 20 hours so I may just about get it done this year which would be nice as otherwise it will have to be across two different units. It’s not really a problem but having just one person to sign it off is definitely easier and neater. The other option is I suppose to not go to university next year!

Element 2 is completed and was taking on a new responsibility at a residential event. I was First Aider at Brownie Pack Holiday and will tell you all about that in a later post. It was… interesting! I learnt such a lot in that weekend, had a wonderful (if sleepless) time and decided that if we were paid to be Guiders I wouldn’t want to do anything else actually!

Element 3 is planning an event for at least two units. Well I’ve decided to make this my element that also crosses sections and so am joining our County Camp planning committee from next month. I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve never been involved in something on such a large scale before. Also it means camping! I’m quite easily pleased really, especially as last time we had six days of torrential rain and I still can’t wait to do it all again.

Element 4… I have precisely no idea what I’m going to do. It involves taking part in a task and finish group or getting involved in an Association issue. I’m going to just keep my eyes peeled and see what comes up in the next couple of years – otherwise there’s always Innovate!

So that’s Service in Guiding. In some ways the easiest clause, because well if I wasn’t already quite involved in Guiding, I probably wouldn’t be doing my Queen’s Guide! In other ways probably the hardest just due to the sheer amount involved in it…


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