Formal or Informal?

That is the question I’m going to try and address through my research project. More specifically my question I have decided on is:

‘Informal science education and the media have an equal impact to formal science education on pupils’ interest in pursuing science at a higher level.’

It’s a very broad question and there is a huge wealth of information on the internet, in books, papers and magazines. It is almost quite daunting when I look at my file of odd notes and printed articles and reports! That’s not about to put me off though, I’m really interested in this topic and it will be particularly interesting to explore the differences between local, national and international attitudes. It is also a fabulous opportunity to do some properly independent research.

So if anyone (particularly in countries outside the UK) have an  opinion about this, do comment – I’d love to hear! I really want to include plenty of first hand experiences. What made you study (or not) science at a higher level?


About siobhancoulter

I'm a Senior Section member of Girl Guiding UK and am working on my Queen's Guide Award at the moment. I'll be keeping you updated on my progress - currently it's my community action clause!
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