Thinking Day

It seemed that I couldn’t get away without posting today, as it is Thinking Day. I’ve been pondering what to write about over the last couple of days as I felt it ought to be something profound and meaningful rather than just my usual ramblings!

I do believe Thinking Day is very special and should be treated as such. As a Brownie we always began our Thinking Day meeting by polishing pennies to be made into a trefoil and then donated to the Guide Friendship Fund. To me this really signifies what Thinking Day is about: supporting other members all around the world to have the most enjoyable and successful Guiding experience possible. It is easy to forget that there are Guides in Sudan, Syria and Israel when you hear about these places in the news. They become places where ordinary life must surely have been suspended and yet when I did my Commonwealth Award and looked at world Guiding they play just as active a part in WAGGGS as any other member country. It is remarkable just how strong Guiding is that it can survive wars, natural disasters and simply the test of time.

It seems an appropriate time to do a spot of reflection on my own Guiding. The core of Guiding comes from our promise:

I promise that I will do my best:

to love my God,

to serve the Queen and my country,

to help other people,

and to keep the Guide Law.

To me this promise is an entirely integral part of how I live my life. As a Brownie I didn’t understand the full meaning and very much took it at its most superficial meaning. Now ten years down the line as an adult member I can see a lot more in my promise than I ever have before. I’ve made or renewed my promise five times since joining Guiding and soon I will hopefully be ready to renew it once more as a Guider. Ultimately whilst I continue to discover the nuances of the meaning, the core message has never changed: try hard, be open minded, think about others and the environment, and care about the effect your actions will have. All of this must be done with the never ending Brownie smile!

We’re very lucky tonight having Brownies on Thinking Day and have had a wonderful meeting. It was noisy and chaotic but we managed to have a suitably reflective end. As nearly all of our Brownies are new we began with a bit of a chat about what Thinking Day is and how Guiding came about. We got a little bit off topic as we began discussing the merits of Prince Edward over Prince Charles (Brown Owl…) but eventually managed to redirect ourselves! Two Brownie packs meet in our hall so we made cards to ‘Our Brownie Friends’ to remind the girls of the Brownies around the world. Our ending was really quite special with each girl reading out a sentence about Brownies around the world and lighting a candle to go in the middle of the circle. We finished off in candle light, singing ‘This little Guiding Light’. It was a really lovely end to a very special day.


About siobhancoulter

I'm a Senior Section member of Girl Guiding UK and am working on my Queen's Guide Award at the moment. I'll be keeping you updated on my progress - currently it's my community action clause!
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